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About Our Firm: What Our Clients Are Saying


Thank you for everything! You have helped us through a very difficult time with reassurance and dedication to us and our family. We are thrilled to finally move on. Thanks again for the amazing job done in record time. You rock!

~D.S. (Montgomery County, PA)

Josh and Dave, my husband and I can not thank you enough. We spent months running in circles with our district trying to get the appropriate services for our daughter. It wasn't until we met you that we were able to move forward. Now she is happier, has a brighter smile, and is excited about going to school again. More parents could benefit from your caring, yet thorough approach. I could go on and on.... Instead, thank you, thank you, thank you.

~T.S. (Montgomery County, PA)

Josh was so family-friendly and down to earth. Thanks to Josh, our daughter now has what she needs and is succeeding in school.  We can't thank him enough for getting action quickly and efficiently.

~J.B. (Delaware County, PA)

Thank you for helping us to “amicably” settled our differences with the school district. Frankel & Kershenbaum is so well versed in special education. We couldn’t have done it without you.

~R.Y. (Montgomery County, PA)

I would like to expand our relationship with Frankel & Kershenbaum to better help all parents and kids struggling with obtaining appropriate special education. Our local, state and federal leaders need to know the real story about this broken system and the lack of easily available help for families in need.

~ H.L. (Montgomery County, PA)

Thank you for the work you did for our family. In addition to being knowledgeable and effective, you are the most responsive, supportive, understanding, patient attorneys we have worked with. Perhaps your field lends itself to that - your main goal after all is to help children. I suspect that it is who you are and what makes you so good at special education law.

~B.K. (Montgomery County, PA)

You are a very rare combination of caring, moral fiber, knowledge and follow-through. Thank you for summarizing what needs to be done to help children access the special education services they need and explaining the process to us every step of the way.

~E.S. (Huntington Valley, PA)

Our children are so lucky to have great special education lawyers like you to protect, guide and love them like no one else can. Thanks for everything you have done for our family.

~B.P. (Scranton, PA)

I am so grateful . . .  . I couldn't have had a smarter, kinder, more thoughtful, sensitive and dedicated team of special education counsel.

~R.A. (Montgomery, PA)

My son was having a lot of difficulties with his placement in our public elementary school and I was not getting anywhere dealing with it alone. Thanks to the help of Frankel & Kershenbaum, we were able to get our child placed in a more appropriate setting with a great IEP. You have provided great recommendations to other professionals who have helped my son immensely. 

~S.M. (Montgomery County, PA)

After years of school meetings both alone and with a legal advocate, our son fell behind 3 grade levels and felt like a failure.  Josh guided us through the complaint  process with expert advice, emotional support and a sense of humor that not only brought us to a successful resolution but helped us maintain our sanity.

~ W.W. (Montgomery County, PA)

Despite our unhappiness with the school’s IEP process, you have given us sound counsel and introductions to others that we could not have obtained on our own. We could not have figured all of this out and gotten our child the help he has needed for years without you.

~ H.L. (Montgomery County, PA)

Thanks to you the IEP meeting went well and it seems that the school is finally taking us seriously. Our child will continue to receive specialized services in addition to ISL. We can’t thank you enough.

~B.K. (Montgomery County, PA)

You’ve been great to work with.  I had trepidations about getting a lawyer involved, I’m no doubt very glad that we decided to engage you.  Your guidance has always been even and well thought out, and you’ve been a great help to us through a trying time.  The outcome of this case is as good as I could have hoped.  Thank you for all of the hard work.

~D.C. (Montgomery County, PA)

You did a magnificent job, not only with the closing argument but throughout the whole process of representing [STUDENT]. He and his family have been so fortunate that you chose to advocate for him in order to help make sure his educational, social and emotional needs are being met. You believe that he has rights as a young man who is deaf and through a tremendous amount of work, you gave voice to making his rights known. Hats off to you Josh, and the rest of the team for working so hard to make sure that [STUDENT] gets the education he deserves!

~T.C. (Expert Witness)

Maria thank you again for your professionalism, integrity, knowledge...and help.  Please let me know if you ever need a referral.                                                       

~J.G. (Montgomery County, PA)

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