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About Our Firm

The law firm of Frankel & Kershenbaum is dedicated to serving the legal needs of children and their families in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Based in Delaware County, PA., Frankel & Kershenbaum is the law firm of choice for Pennsylvania and New Jersey Special Education Law, Special Needs Advocacy, School Discipline and Truancy, Higher Education Student Rights, Juvenile Justice and Criminal Defense, Children's Constitutional Rights and Catastrophic Injuries Involving Children.

Our lawyers provide skilled, thoughtful representation combining the sophistication found in a large law firm with the personal attention and outstanding service that are the hallmarks of a traditional law office. The attorneys of Frankel & Kershenbaum are powerful and trusted allies for children and their families. Frankel & Kershenbaum provides legal counseling and representation in Special Education Law and other matters to families and children throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The firm was founded by Emmy Award-winning former weatherman, news anchor and investigative reporter Dave Frankel and former elementary school teacher Josh Kershenbaum. These outstanding attorneys began their legal careers with a large Philadelphia law firm, before joining forces as determined advocates for children. They bring a singular combination of passion, intellect and experience to their comprehensive education and family focused practice. Attorney Michael D. Raffaele joined Frankel & Kershenbaum as an experienced counsel with backgrounds in Criminal Defense and Health Care Practices. Attorney Jason Fortenberry is a very well-respected attorney for individual parents and children involved in Special Education disputes. Dave, Josh, Michael, and Jason work closely with their firm's Education Consultant and Advocate, Maria Vetter, as well as Certified School Psychologist, Amber Killeen, to provide full-service counseling, representation and securing special education services for their clients. This also includes federal and state litigation, due process hearings, administrative appeals, IEP meetings and development, special needs planning, settlement negotiations, discipline matters and bullying and harassment. As a former public defender, Michael's practice also focuses on Juvenile Justice and Criminal Defense and School Discipline.

Our Logo
Visitors to our website might wonder why we chose a rainbow umbrella as the logo for our law firm. There are several reasons. First, the primary colors are a reflection of our commitment to serving children and the bright colors communicate to families that ours is not a typical law firm (in other words, we understand that their issues and concerns are not always as simple as black and white.) Second, the rainbow colors also tell LGBT visitors to our website that they are recognized, respected and welcomed at Frankel & Kershenbaum. Third, the umbrella itself symbolizes safety and protection. The umbrella is also a reminder of Dave Frankel's first career in television news, much of it spent as the morning weatherman with Action News on 6 ABC in Philadelphia. Dave spent countless hours under his umbrella through rain, sleet and snow and while we can't avoid every legal storm our clients might encounter, we can offer them a safe place to seek help and the protection of sound legal advice. Finally, the rainbow itself is a symbol of hope and promise. We hope you never need our services and promise to be here if you do.

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To learn more about your child's rights or for assistance with a legal matter of another nature, contact Frankel & Kershenbaum today.
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