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Legal Team

Attorney E-mail V-card
Josh Kershenbaum E-mail
Michael D. Raffaele E-mail
Jason Fortenberry E-mail
Grace Osa-Edoh E-mail
Andrew J. Wollaston E-mail
Sipi Gupta E-mail
Dave Frankel E-mail
Education Consultant & Advocate E-mail V-card
Maria Vetter E-mail
Michele McDonnell Reichow, Esq. E-mail
Melanie Young, Education Consultant/Advocate E-mail
Beth Schierse E-mail
Kristy Asral E-mail
Certified School Psychologist E-mail V-card
Amber Killeen
Office Manager & Legal Assistant E-mail V-card
Joan Scannella E-mail
Support Services and Media & Marketing E-mail V-card
Denise Braud E-mail
Support Services and Client Liaison E-mail V-card
Josie Karasavas E-mail
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