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Transition to Adulthood Planning

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    We work with families and school teams to discuss transition services. We make sure that you and your child have a plan to support them in post-secondary education or training, career and vocational planning, and independent living. The range of support can vary depending on the needs of the child. We make sure your child’s transition services plan is individualized. We help connect parents to a network of people, supports, and services who support adults with different areas of need.

    The transition to adulthood is a pivotal time for young people, requiring careful planning for their future in terms of education (IEP transition planning), pre-employment transition services, and transition into independent living. In situations involving adults or children who are disabled, attorneys specializing in disability law are an invaluable resource, acting as guides through disability transition and disability transition services. Our expert attorneys can help ensure that all rights are protected, and all necessary paperwork is filed properly and in a timely manner. The transition to adulthood is always a complex and challenging process, but with proper care and planning, it can be a successful one.

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    The attorneys of Raffaele & Associates are dedicated to providing skilled, experienced legal counseling and representation to aid the management of Transition to Adulthood for families throughout Pennsylvania. Contact us today to learn how we can help you effectively manage such a transition.