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    Online Learning Resources

    These websites offer online learning for younger learners and grades K-12.

    Learning Applications

    Here are downloadable apps for computers and electronic devices, broken down by the learning differences they help to address:

    Learners with Dyslexia
    Autistic Learners
    Learners with Visual Impairments
    Learners with Writing Difficulties

    Legal & Advocacy Guidance

    These websites provide the current legal guidance

    Resources for Persons Returning from Incarceration

    Remote Learning Resources

    Special Education Glossary

    The attorneys at Raffaele & Associates have put together a glossary as a resource to help families navigate the confusing acronyms as they relate to Special Education and Special Education Law. The easy to use guide gives families a better understanding of commonly used terms.


    The attorneys at Raffaele & Associates provide informative articles to inform and educate visitors to our website. This listing is regularly updated with new helpful content.