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    Nicky Mendez

    Nicky Mendez

    Education Consultant & Advocate


    Founder of Mendez Advocacy

    Nicole is a Philly native, Puerto Rican, neurodivergent, Educational Advocate whose lived experiences and experience as a parent to a son with special education needs drives her vision of helping to create a fully inclusive and equitable society. She believes strongly in the right to a quality education assuring success and maximizing the potential for every student.

    Nicole holds a Bachelor of Science, is a founding member of the PA Inclusion Collective, completed SEAT 2 training and is a COPAA member. She created ESEL a project aimed at combatting the school to prison pipeline funded by the PADDC and Executive Produced Divided Attention: When The Children Who Need The Most Receive The Least, an Emmy Nominated documentary about the importance of mindfulness programming and inequitable school funding.